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Welcome to my website designed to assist people with shoulder problems. I am a orthopaedic surgeon based in Devon and I help people with shoulder and some elbow conditions.
The shoulder joint is  a fascinating  type of ‘ball and socket’ joint where the need for mobility is finely balanced with stability. Complex interactions between muscles, ligaments, cartilage and bones occurs to achieve this amazing feat. Problems can arise in any of these structures resulting in pain and loss of function which can affect day-to-day activities including work and sleep. Many shoulder conditions can be improved with appropriate therapy like well directed physiotherapy, judicious use of steroid and local anaesthetic injections or surgery. If surgery is necessary, it can often be done as a ‘key-hole’ procedure which is minimally invasive.
I have developed this website to provide a source of information for my patients. It will hopefully answer a number of questions about many of the common shoulder problems and treatment options. I have also provided information about some recent innovations in treating some common conditions with PRP injections.
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This website is under development - This website is not designed as a replacement for personal medical advice and consultation. If you have a problem please consult your doctor or specialist.
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